Soapy Enema Solution


  • 103oF
  1. Heat the water to 103oF.
  2. Stir in the soap. If the mixture becomes sudsy or bubbly, wait for it to settle.
  3. Make certain that the enema solution is still 103oF and deposit the solution into your enema equipment of choice.
  4. Perform enema as usual.

Why use a soapy enema solution?

Soapy enema solutions are used for basic colon cleansing. Using soap in an enema solution will have both immediate and long-term effects. The immediate effect is simply a very clean colon and bowel system, which has both hygienic and health benefits. The long term effects of using a soapy enema solution are as follows: The soap in the enema solution irritates the lining of the intestines, which causes the intestines to build up a strong resistance and the colon to develop strong reactive contractions.

What kind of soap is best to use in an enema solution?

Castile soap is the most popular additive to any enema solution, and this has been so throughout the history of enemas. It can be purchased as a solid bar or in individual packets of liquid soap. Many people prefer to buy the individual packages of soap
because they are pre-measured and involve less time and mess when preparing an enema solution. However, more environmentally conscious people or those who enjoy the ritual of preparing an enema solution may prefer to use the bar soap. No matter what form it comes in, it is still the same mild soap that has been ideal for enema solutions since enemas began being performed domestically. Never use laundry or dishwashing soap as an additive in an enema solution. It is far too harsh and can cause internal damage to the colon, stripping it of a naturally protective layer.