All About Enema Solutions

Enema is the process of injecting fluid solution into the bowel and colon. An enema is sometimes referred to as an anal douche or clyster. Enemas have been a common procedure throughout history, and became even more common in the Western world beginning in the 1800s with the rise of modern medical and health practices. Up until even the 1970s, it was completely ordinary to see enema supplies in the bathroom of any family home.

Enemas are easy to administer. Though it does not require a professional medical practitioner, an enema may be given at the hospital or medical center by a doctor or nurse. They are more commonly performed at home, however, as many people consider enemas to be part of their regular health routine. An enema can be administered by another individual, but you can also perform an enema on yourself. Either way, any corner drugstore or online specialty shop sells
enema solutions,
supplies, and equipment at very inexpensive costs. Depending on the kind and size of enema that is being performed, for very little cost you can purchase enema nozzles, enema syringes, enema bags, thermometers, lubricants, and even pre-filled disposable enemas.

Enemas can be divided into two main categories: cleansing enemas and implant enemas. A cleansing enema is means to wash all unwanted materials (such as feces) and toxins out of your bowel and colon. It involves a large amount of enema solution (generally 2 or more quarts) and cause a bowel movement very quickly. Implant enemas are meant to deposit nutrients into the bowel and involves less solution which will be absorbed into the body, with excess waste being expelled in a gentler way. Certain solutions work better as cleansing enemas and certain solutions work better as implant enemas. For example,
marijuana enema solutions and yogurt enema solutions are best as implant enemas, while garlic enema solutions and soap enema solutions are best as cleansing enemas. Coffee enema solutions fall somewhere in between.

The reasons that enemas are administered are
private. The only person who needs to know why an enema is being administered is you. This webpage is simply designed to offer you some helpful enema solution recipes so that you can get the most out of your enema, however you have defined it, with as much privacy as you need.

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